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Unidirectional Table Top Wireless Mic, HD System

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Part #: 01-HDTBLMIC-DR-11
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The Revolabs 01-HDTBLMIC-DR-11, Is a Unidirectional Table Top Wireless Microphone. Designed for use with Revolabs Executive HD wireless microphone and conference systems. This table top microphone features a +/- 45 degree unidirectional pickup pattern, allowing users to place this device in front of specific speakers making it so other background noises are picked up or heard through the system. Through its internal rechargeable battery the user can get up to 8 hours of operation off of a single 2 hour charge. Far superior than older models that had needed to be sent back in to get a new battery installed. The 01-HDTBLMIC-DR-11 also features RFI noise rejection, allowing for the microphone to be used around other wireless equipment that may cause Radio Frequency Interference, such as cell phones and Bluetooth devices.

Make the most of your meetings by simply placing this unidirectional microphone with exceptional audio quality for audio and video conferencing on a flat surface and with plug and play design you will up and communicating in no time. With ease of installation and with an exceptional audio pick up quality this is the perfect table top microphone for smaller office situations. This microphone is compatible with other Revolabs HD wireless mics, and comes with a 1 Year warranty.

  • Unidirectional Pickup
  • Battery: Built-In, Rechargeable, 8 Hour operating time from a 2 hour charge
  • RFI Noise Rejection: Can be used around other wireless equipment, cell phones, Bluetooth devices etc..
  • Compatible with additional Revolabs HD wireless mics
  • Mute Button for muting and pairing
  • LED Display for muting and pairing
  • Audio Out port 2.5 mm unbalanced
  • Power/Charging Port Requires Revolabs HD Charger Base
  • Warranty: 1 Year
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