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WyreStorm NHD-110-TX
1080p HD Low Bandwidth H.264/H.265 AV over IP Encoder

Part #: NHD-110-TX
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Top NHD-110-TX Specifications
  • Supports up to 1080p @ 60Hz video content
  • Support all SD and HD formats - including interlaced content
  • Flexible encoding using either H.264 or H.265 encoding. Encoding is configurable between a constant bitrate or variable bitrate.
  • Low bandwidth or high-quality transmission methods. Low latency ~ 80ms. High-quality ~250ms
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The Wyrestorm NHD-110-TX is the AV encoder to the powerful 110 series of NetworkHD AV over IP components. The NetworkHD 110 series takes the award-winning 100 series and elevates to a new level. The 110 series components support both H.264 and H.265 video encoding/decoding. With H.265, video transmissions look better than ever and use up to 6x less bandwidth. AV streams are fully secure over the network using AES 128-bit encryption methods, ensuring any sensitive data cannot be maliciously accessed.

H.265 Encoding:

The NHD-110-TX can encode AV signal using either H.264 or H.265. Using H.265 provides incredibly efficient video streams. For comparison, an H.265 5Mbps stream is equal to a 30Mbps H.264 stream.

Unicast & Multicast:

The 110 Series can operate in either a Unicast or Multicast mode. Multicast mode is the traditional method and is suggested for larger deployments of 80+ devices. Unicast mode however is great for small system and does not require a Layer 2 switch or support for IGMP Snooping, meaning you can practically use any switch you want.


USB routing allows for the 110 series to fit into K/M applications. Just like the AV stream, USB can be routed between all RXs and TXs. This allows for a single USB host device to have access to potentially hundreds of individual USB device endpoints.


  • Compatible with NHD-250-RX Multiview receiver
  • Analog audio de-embed for easy connection to external audio DSP or amplifier
  • Seamless video switching no black screens or freeze frames
  • Hugely scalable I/O, utilizing multicast technology
  • Zero-configuration switch setup using unicast technology
  • Live video preview streams for use with NetworkHD Touch or a custom control UI
  • Flexible IP address settings: AutoIP/Static/DHCP
  • Customizable, IR or RS-232 control of connected devices
  • Infrared signal generation via API supports Hex Global Cache format
  • Batch firmware update and batch settings functions offers a massive reduction on installation times
  • Custom EDID management with import/export
  • HDCP 1.4 compliant
  • IEEE 802.3af PoE compliant PD
  • Includes optional DC power adapter and mounting brackets
  • Compatible with NHD-000-RACK4 rack mounting kit (brackets included with decoder)
  • Warranty: 5 Years

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1080p HD Low Bandwidth H.264/H.265 AV over IP Decoder
Your Price: $633.00
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