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Murideo MU-SIX-A-8K
Murideo-SIX-A-8K Test Pattern Analzyer "ONLY"

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Today's world of hybrid systems and multiple flavors of SD, HD, UHD, and 8K! The 8K SIX-A Analyzer helps you solve manufacturing and installation issues. Use the 8K SIX-A for testing basic and complex switching solutions for maximum capability and performance. Some of the available tests include complete high bandwidth HDMI cable testing, HDBaseT, and HDIP link testing up to 40Gbps. With the ability to monitor a pesky system with intermittent issues, the 8K SIX-A will capture the data required to fix the system.   Consultants will love the 8K SIX-A as a tool for system commissioning and validation. When paired with the 8K SIX-G, the 8K SIX-A Analyzer becomes the most powerful (and affordable) HDMI system troubleshooting system on the planet!   What makes the 8K SIX-A Useful for You?   40Gbps Signals Analyze any HDMI/DVI signals up to 40Gbps (7680x4320P60 4:2:0 10-bit or 7680x4320P30 4:4:4 10-bit). Test HDMI/DVI Cables up to 40Gbps, giving you the ability for four-lane FRL TMDS testing. Four-lane FRL is an HDMI 2.1 feature you will find on the latest sources, TVs, and AVRs. Handheld Device This powerhouse comes as a handheld device, and it is ideal for use in the field or testing bench. With its battery, there is no need to have it plugged into a power source. Analyze Over Time With the 8K SIX-A Analyzer, you can analyze and report 40Gbps HDMI distribution over time for intermittent issues. You choose minutes, hours, days and test down to the pixel. HDR, Metadata, EDID and more Test HDR signals, metadata, info-frames, and perform 2-channel and multi-channel Audio Confidence Tests. The SIX-A reads and writes EDIDs with advanced EDID analysis and tools. The Challenges Have you ever been dropped into a situation where you were called upon to get a system working that you didn't install? Have you ever been asked to troubleshoot a system that has been installed for a few years and is just now getting complaints from the end-user on system performance? How about the customer who wants to start upgrading to 4K/8K but, according to budget allocation, can only do half of the classrooms this year? ​ ​In any of the real-world scenarios above, the 8K SIX-A saves time and money. The 8K SIX-A is the best tool available for Systems Integrators faced with today's challenges in point-to-point and distributed digital video (and audio) system implementation, troubleshooting and commissioning.

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