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Furman IT-REF 16 E I
Discrete Symmetrical AC Power Source (16A, 230 VAC)

Part #: IT-REF 16 E I
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Top IT-REF 16 E I Specifications
  • Input - 16 Amp capacity required
  • Output - 8 IEC - 16 Amp RMS * (maximum, all outlets combined - continuous)
  • Virtually maintenance-free AC surge suppression
  • Four discrete power banks eliminate inter-component interference
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Featuring the Furman IT-REF 16 E I Discrete Symmetrical AC Power Source (16A, 230 VAC). This power source filter is built with many revolutionary technologies such as Linear Filtration Technology (LiFT), Discrete Symmetrical Balanced Power, and Power Factor Technology. These technological developments help eliminate equipment failure, reduce differential AC noise, and extreme voltage spikes. This conditioner can be used in studios, live sound, broadcast facilities, and home theaters.

Furman’s filtration technology (LiFT) suppresses linear AC noise evenly across a very wide bandwidth. Resulting in a lower noise floor for the user’s audio system, better picture on video displays, and protection from the possibility of data corruption or loss. It dramatically reduces differential AC noise while feeding the users devices clean, filtered AC power. The IT-REF 16 E I ensures consistent peak performance from the user’s equipment.

The Discrete Symmetrically Balanced Power technology from Furman splits incoming voltage (230V on the line terminal and 0V on the neutral and ground) into perfect halves on the transformer’s output. With 115V on the line and 115V on the neutral, the new center-tapped ground remains at 0V AC. Ensuring that connected equipment is free of AC ground contamination from the power amplifier. Furman's newly refined Dual-Screen Transformers also turnout the widest bandwidth of noise-reduction possible. Which enables the IT-REF 16 E I to provide unprecedented levels of audio and video detail.

Furman has also designed Power Factor Technology to help power amplifiers to accurately reproduce audio signals while sounding their best. This technology does so by supplying a momentary current reservoir which provides over 80 amps of peak current and lowers the AC line impedance for power amplifiers.

Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) offers protection to connected equipment from daily exposure to, even the highest level, of spikes and surges. SMP absorbs the surges without deterioration of the circuit or contamination to the ground line. It maximizes the longevity of connected equipment, provides peak performance, and minimizes the risk of downtime or failure.

With all of these technologies and features, the IT-REF 16 E I is a smart addition to any AV system. Bringing faster sonic transients, crisper colors, greater gray and black scale definition to the users displays. While relaying pure harmonics and ambiance in the systems audio.


  • Detachable surge suppression module for telco and cable / satellite connectors
  • Linear Noise Attenuation:
  • Transverse (Differential) Mode: >20 dB from 1Khz. - 2 kHz., >40 dB from 2Khz. - 100 kHz., >80 dB from 100 kHz. 1GHz.
  • Linear attenuation curve from 0.05 100 ohms line impedance
  • Common Mode: >95 dB, 10Hz. - 50 kHz., >40 dB 50kHz. 1MHz.
  • Outlets:
  • 8 (symmetrical balanced outlets)
  • 4 (Power Factor Technology outlets 9 amps RMS reserve reactive load over 80 amps pk. charge, 3x 10A, 1x 16A)
  • Transient Voltage Surge Suppression:
  • 230VAC Line:
  • Virtually maintenance-free AC surge suppression
  • Non-sacrificial with zero ground contamination
  • Extreme Voltage Shutdown (>275 VAC)
  • Cable / Satellite: Less than .1dB line loss
  • Power Consumption: 8.5 Watts for display and control circuits independent of actual load.
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 5.98" x 17" x 16.26" (standard 3RU without feet)
  • Weight: 88lbs.
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • * Due to the Power Factor Technology circuit, available RMS power varies with the reactance of the load (vector). However, this only affects the circuit breaker for continuous RMS current draw. Since power amplifiers will require high transient current demands, the IT-Reference 16E i will never succumb to current compression. Quite the opposite, in fact, it will buffer the power amplifier's power supply, while lowering the AC input impedance, allowing power amplifiers to work more efficiently.

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