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Furman ASD-120 2.0
6-Channel Sequenced Power Distributor, (6) 20A 120V Circuits

Part #: ASD-120 2.0
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Top ASD-120 2.0 Specifications
  • 120 amp total load
  • Six 20 amp, 120 volt circuits, each with a status indicator
  • Oversized buss bars
  • Four buss design accommodates 120V or 240V single phase, or 208V three phase power
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Introducing the ASD-120 2.0 120A 6 Channel Sequenced Power Distributor with (6) 20A 120V Circuits from Furman. The 2.0 version of Furman's ASD-120 was created for easier installation and operation. This low-cost, compact rack-mount power distribution system is used where AC power needs to be distributed to multiple circuits that have missing, inadequate or impractical hard-wired, built-in systems. Ideal for touring PA systems, touring musical and theatrical acts, mobile recording facilities, on-location film and video shoots, etc.

This distributor allows you to power up its six circuits in sequence groups and allows you to reverse the sequence for power down. The delay interval is user-adjustable via an internal trimpot. Which allows turn-on transients from low-level amplifiers and processors to settle down before any power amps are turned on. Simultaneous powering results in a loud, potentially destructive 'pop' reaching the speakers. Sequenced powering can also avoid excessive inrush currents that cause circuit breakers to trip.

The ASD-120 2.0's front panel provides a three-position switch for each circuit to either be part of the power up/down sequence or to remain on or off independent of the sequence. A LED indicator light shows when the powering (up or down) sequence is in progress. The sequence can either be initiated by momentary or maintained switches, locally or remotely. There is a duplex outlet provided for each delay step as well as a locking switch with a removable key for maximum security.

Since the sequence control signals are also available on the rear panel, one or more ASD-120 2.0's may be installed in remote locations and operated via low-voltage control wiring. The sequence control signals can also drive PowerPorts, PS-PRO and PS-8-R Power Sequencers, or any other circuits that need to know when their particular time delay has elapsed. Using one or more ASD-120's can provide the capability of controlling power and power sequencing for an entire system.

This sequence distributor can handle up to 120 amps of incoming power, distributing it to six 20 amp, 120V circuits. Each circuit has a front panel status indicator that lights up when it is turned on and a 20 amp duplex outlet on the rear panel. Four oversized busses are incorporated allowing wiring for 120V or 240V single phase, or 208V three phase power. A strain relief clamp is also provided that can accommodate a cable or wire bundle up to 1.5 inches in diameter. Instructions are included with a guide through the process of selecting and terminating the supply cable.


  • Six widely spaced duplex outlets on rear panel
  • Outlets can be powered up and down in sequence
  • Three position switch allows each circuit to be part of the power sequencing, or to be switched on/off independently
  • Sequence timing can be initiated from unit or remotely, using low voltage control wires
  • Sequence control signals are available on rear panel to drive additional ASD-120 2.0s or other devices and circuits
  • Front panel key switch for security
  • Compact two rack space package
  • Warranty: 3 years

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