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Hall Research CHD-DE30
100' 4K Javelin Active Plenum HDMI Cable w/Detachable Ends

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The CHD-DE30 100' 4K Javelin Active Plenum HDMI extension cables from Hall Research offers the latest in optoelectronic technology to carry HDMI signals beyond the common limitations of copper cables. The advantage with this HDCP compliant cable is its detachable or even removable HDMI connector ends. The small micro HDMI sized connector can easily be pulled through small holes, pipes or conduits with the included pulling capsule.

The cable draws power from the 5v signal pin of the source HDMI output, eliminating the need for an external power supply. It draws less than 0.25w of power from the source. Another impressive feature of the 4K Javelin is it can handle any resolution up to 4K30Hz or color depth and no compression is used so the image stays 100% true to the source. The video is sent using light pulses which provides higher immunity to EMI or RFI interface. Which also lowers the chance of video dropouts due to surrounding electromagnetic noise.

It's a Plenum Rated LSZH cable which allows a wide range of installation environments; some examples include: home theater, conference rooms, schools, airports, hospitals, etc. The HDCP compliant cable ships with detachable HDMI connectors so it is ready for connection to your video equipment, though extra HDMI or DVI connector ends can be purchased separately (not included) which allows the cable to be configured to DVI-to-HDMI or DVI-to-DVI.


  • Length: 100'
  • Input/Output: Micro HDMI connector
  • Video Standards: All Single Link DVI and HDMI resolutions up to 4K30Hz (3840x2160)
  • Supports Deep color, xvYCC Color
  • Bandwidth: 10.2 Gbps max (channel rate of 3.4 Gbps max)
  • Supports: DDC for HDCP and EDID, CEC
  • Audio Standards: Supports PCM, Dolby, True HD, DTS-HD
  • Supply Voltage: Powered from HDMI 5v pin 18.
  • Nominal: 5v (operating range: 4.8v ~ 5.3 v)
  • Supply Current: Nominal: 40 ma, max: 47 ma
  • Power Consumption: Nominal: 0.23 watts (range: 0.2w ~ 0.25w)
  • Cable Grade: Plenum CMP-OF (UL) & LSZH
  • Cross Section: 0.20 inch x 0.12 inch
  • Bend Radius: 0.25 inch minimum
  • Connector Pull Strength: 44 lbs maximum
  • Connector Housing Dimensions: Without the HDMI metal plug or strain relief: 1.45" x 0.48" x 0.32"
  • Total length including HDMI plug and Strain relief: 2.77"
  • Regulatory: CE, RoHS
  • EMI/EMC: CE, FCC Class A
  • Warranty: 3 years

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