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Vaddio EasyUSB Audio Bundles System A

USB Audio Conferencing for PC Communication

SKU: 999-8620-000
  • One (1) EasyUSB Mixer/Amp
  • One (1) EasyMic MicPOD with integrated Echo Canceling
  • One (1) EasyTalk Sound Bar

Vaddio EasyUSB Audio Bundles System B

USB Audio Conferencing for Mid Sized Rooms

SKU: 999-8630-000
  • Whats Included:
  • One (1) EasyUSB Mixer/Amp
  • Two (2) EasyMic MicPODs with integrated Echo Canceling
  • One (1) EasyTalk Sound Bar

Vaddio EasyUSB AudioBRIDGE

Analog Audio Converter, USB Audio for UC Applications

SKU: 999-8536-000
  • Balanced Line Input: Mono line level (+4dB) input on 3-Pin Euro terminal mapped to the USB record channel
  • Unbalanced Line Input: Mono consumer level input (-10dB) on RCA mapped to the USB record channel
  • Balanced Line Output: Mono line level output on 3-pin Euro mapped to the USB playback channel

Vaddio EasyUSB Mixer/Amp

EasyTalk USB Mixer/Amplifier

SKU: 999-8530-000
  • Supports up to two EasyMic Devices (MicPOD or Ceiling MicPOD) using RJ-45 & Cat. 5 for audio, control, and power (100 feet)
  • 2 x 20 Watt Class-D amplifier with 2-Pin Euro Terminal
  • Connects to PC as a USB sound device

Vaddio EasyUSB Table MicPOD

EasyMic MicPOD with 360 Degree Coverage

SKU: 999-8500-000
  • Built-in echo cancellation
  • Three unidirectional condenser elements for 360 degree coverage
  • AEC per microphone element
  • Typical pickup coverage of 6-10 feet

Vaddio TRIO MIC I/O Interface

4 Channel TRIO Mic Interface w/ AEC Reference Input

SKU: 999-8535-000
  • Interface Device between TRIO SmartMICs and ANY professional conferencing mixer
  • Compatible with TRIO Table and Ceiling Mic Arrays
  • Connect up to four SmartMICs
  • Allows for 12 microphones all with independent echo cancellation and internal DSP

Vaddio TRIO I/O and Ceiling Mic - Bundle B

1 TRIO Mic & 4 TRIO Ceiling Mic Arrays

SKU: 999-88100-000
  • One (1) TRIO MIC I/O Interface Four (4) TRIO Ceiling Mic Arrays (White)

Vaddio TRIO Table Mic Array

3 Mic Elements w/ 3 Echo Cancellers and Built-In DSP

SKU: 999-8850-000
  • Built-In Acoustical Echo Cancellation
  • Three electret condenser microphones positioned to form a 360-degree pickup pattern
  • Built-In Digital Signal Processing
  • Microphone Gating
Items: 1 - 8 of 8
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