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Kramer VS-82HDXL

8x2 3G HD-SDI Matrix Switcher

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This product has been discontinued.
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Kramer's VS-82HDXL is a true 8X2 3G matrix switcher for SDI signals. Designed to switch any one of the eight SDI inputs to one or both sets of triple outputs. Being HDTV compatible this matrix has a max data rate of 3Gbps over 394'. The user can you either an analog signal or any of the SDI input signals for genclocking. However if the selected genclock input signal is unavailable, the VS-82HDxl will automatically select the best available SDI input for the genclock signal, making this a very versatile system. Another added feature is the ability to store up to 16 multiple switches as presets which can be recalled and executed when needed. Through Kramer equalization & "re-Klocking" technology, the matrix rebuilds the digital signal to travel longer distances, allowing you to reach HDTV displays at further lengths. With flexible control options ranging from front panel touch buttons, RS-232/RS-485 & Ethernet, as well as the ability for front panel control lockout, this machine is a breeze to install and operate at the flick of a switch.

Ideal uses for Kramer VS-82HDXL 8x2 Matrix Switcher include professional broadcasting and production studios and post production editing, as its ability to receive 8 different inputs and switch them to one or both sets of triple outputs (two-channel SDI and HDMI). Also Supports ANC Data, Embedded audio, teletext, and time code. Comes backed by Kramer's 7 Year warranty.

  • 8X2 Matrix Switcher
  • Inputs: 8 SDI on BNC connectors
  • Outputs: 4 SDI on BNC connectors, 2 HDMI
  • HDTV Compatible
  • Data Rate: 3Gbps: Up to 350m for SD signals, 140m for 1.5GHz HD signals and 120m for 3GHz 3G signals
  • Supports ANC Data
  • Cable Equalization: Up to 492' for SD signals, 459' for 1.5GHz HD signals, and 394' for 3Ghz 3G signals
  • Ethernet RJ-45
  • Clean Switching
  • Kramer Equalization & re-Klocking Technology: Rebuilds the digital signal to travel longer distances
  • Looping Input
  • Multi-Standard Operation: SDI (SMPTE 259M/344M), HDSDI (SMPTE 292M), 3G HDSDI (SMPTE 424M)
  • Control: RS-232/IRS-485 & Ethernet
  • Versatile Genlocking
  • Control Options: Front panel, RS232/RS485 & Ethernet
  • Included Accessories: Power Cord & Rack "ears"
  • Warranty: 7 Years
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