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Kramer VP-8x8
8x8 XGA Matrix Switcher

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The VP-8x8 from Kramer is a high-quality matrix switcher for computer graphics video signals, with resolutions that exceed UXGA, and balanced stereo audio signals. This device has the ability to route any or all of the inputs to any or all of the outputs simultaneously. It is HDTV compatible and has a high bandwidth of 400MHz. The ideal uses for the VP-8x8 are in professional display systems requiring true 8x8 matrix operation, and is also great in multimedia/presentation source and acceptor selection applications.

With the VP-8x8 being a true 8x8 matrix it contains 8 VGA inputs, and 8 VGA outputs all on 15-pin HD connectors. Other features of the VP-8x8 include delayed switching which is available up to a 3.5s (user selectable) delay for seamless switching when switching between non-genlocked sources. A "take button" can execute multiple switches at the same time, and memory locations can store multiple switches as presets to be recalled and executed as needed. This device also has a front-panel control lockout feature to prevent unwanted tampering. Additionally there is a active input indication reporting feature where each input button on the front panel automatically lights up when the unit detects a video signal on that input, or when an input is selected for switching, the button changes to a different color to indicate it is the active input.

With flexible control options through the front panel, RS-485, RS-232 (K-Router Windows-based software is included) Ethernet, or the included IR remote control, the VP-8x8 can handle all you computer graphic and audio switching needs for smaller professional display systems. This product comes backed by Kramer's 7 Year warranty.


  • Inputs: 8 VGA on 15-pin HD connectors
  • Outputs: 8 VGA on 15-pin HD connectors
  • Bandwidth: 400MHz
  • Max. Output Level: 1.5Vpp
  • HDTV Compatible
  • Audio Breakaway Switching
  • Delayed Switching: up to 3.5s (user selectable) seamless switching
  • Memory Locations: Stores multiple switches as presets to be executed or recalled as needed
  • Take Button: Executes multiple switches at once
  • Front Panel Control Lockout
  • Control Options: Front Panel, RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, or IR Remote
  • Worldwide Supply: 100-240V AC
  • Included Accessories: Power cord, null-modem adapter, Windows Based control software, RC-IR3 infrared remote
  • Weight: 8.2lbs
  • Dimensions: 19" x 7.2" x 1U (W, D, H)
  • Warranty: 7 Years

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