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Kramer 718-15

Composite Video & Stereo Audio over Twisted Pair Receiver - 4921'

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The 718-15 from Kramer is a twisted pair (TP) receiver for composite video and unbalanced stereo audio signals, with a range of 4921'. The function of this receiver is to take in a twisted pair signal from the 717 transmitter and then convert the signal back in to a composite video and unbalanced stereo audio signal. You will primarily find this type of receiver being used in remote monitoring applications such as CCTV, medical, school and broadcast type settings. However it would also be a great addition in existing facilities with TP cable already installed as well as teleconferencing in offices and hospitals using existing intercom or telephone wiring. With its long rang of 1640' and a bandwidth of 6.4Mhz, security type applications is where this device will mostly be used.

 The primary features of the 718-15 twisted pair receiver is its system range of 4921', a Power Connect System which through a single connection to the transmitter or the receiver will be able to power both units when the devices are within 150' of each other. This device also has automatic audio and video equalization control and a strong bandwidth at 6.4MHz. The receiver has 1 composite video input on a BNC connector, and 1 unbalanced stereo audio input on two RCA connectors, and a twisted pair on RJ-45 connector output.

The 718-15 Composite Video & Stereo Audio Receiver comes with its own power supply for length further than 150', mounting brackets, and is backed by a 7 year warranty from Kramer. With the compact size of this model 3 units can be rack mounted side-by-side in a 1U rack space using the optional Kramer RK-3T rack adapter. When coupled with the 717 Transmitter from Kramer this is a great addition to suit your audio video needs in any and all of your security of broadcast applications and if the facility already has existing twisted pair cabling installing these devices are simple and fast.

  • System Range: 4921'
  • Max. Bandwidth: 6.4Mhz
  • Inputs: 1 composite video on a BNC connector, 1 unbalanced stereo audio on two RCA connectors
  • Outputs: 1 twisted pair on an RJ-45 connector(717)
  • Controls: Fully Automatic
  • Power Connect System: a single connection to the transmitter or receiver powers both units when within 150' of each other
  • A & V Equalization Control
  • Cable Type: UTP (unshielded twisteed pair) or STP (shielded twisted pair) such as CAT 5
  • Max. Signal Level: Video: 1.45Vpp, Audio: 20Vpp
  • Coupling: Input: AC / Output DC
  • Power Consumption: 12VDC
  • Included Accessories: Power Supplies & Mounting Brackets
  • Optional Accessories: RK-3T
  • Warranty: 7 Years
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