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Cat5 USB Console Extender: Audio & USB Peripheral Support - 850'

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Part #: CE800B
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Featuring the ATEN CE800B USB VGA plus audio Cat 5 KVM Extender Kit with USB flash storage that can extend KVM signals up to 820' over Cat 5 Cabling. The CE800B allows access to a computer system from a remote console (USB keyboard and mouse, monitor, stereo speakers, and microphone). In addition it offers built-in USB ports that will support USB mass storage compliant flash drivers, and with the addition of a USB type B port on the local unit means that the flash drive facility is fully supported in both PC-only and KVM switch installation. Making this unit an ideal solution for use in factory or construction type settings where the console needs to be conveniently accessible, while keeping the computer system equipment in a safe, environmentally controlled environment. 

In addition to support VGA, SVGA, and multisync monitors, with the local monitor support DDC, DDC2, and DDC2B, the CE800B can support wide screen formats by connecting the monitor to the local video output port or through the use of an ATEN EDID emulator. The CE800B has the ability to pass high-quality resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @60Hz up to 98', with lower resolutions being able to be sent all the way out to 850'. This kit also provides dual console operation where users can control the system from both the local and remote consoles, providing add flexibility during long range deployments. To protect the overall system it self from harmful spikes in power often associated in factories or construction type settings, there is a built-in 8KV/15KV ESD protection and 2KV surge protection. 


  • This Kit comes with both the CE800BL and the CE800BR (Local and Remote) Units
  • Local Unit Console Ports: 2x USB Type A, VGA, 2x Mini-Stereo Jacks
  • Local Unit KVM Ports: USB Type A
  • Remote Unit Console Ports: 2x USB Type A, VGA, 2x Mini-Stereo Jacks
  • Remote Unit KVM Ports: SPHD-15, USB Type B, USB Type A, 2x mini Stereo Jacks
  • Unit to Unit Connection: RJ-45
  • Video Resolutions/Range: 1920x1200 at 98', 1600x1200 at 492', 1024x768 at 820'
  • Power Consumption: DC 5V, 6W per each unit
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 7.95 x 3.4 x 1.04 per each unit
  • Weight: Local: 1.12lbs / Remote: 1.08lbs
  • Included Accessories: Custom KVM Cable 6', 2x Power Adapters, Firmware Cable, USB Cable 6', 2x Grounding Wires, Rack Mount Kit, User Manual, Quick Start Guide, Grounding Information Card
  • Warranty: 3 Years

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