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Altinex PNP417C

*Customizable* Dual Sided Pop Up, Matches Table Surface

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Part #: PNP417C
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Quantity: $1,370.25
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  • 5 customizable connections on each side
  • Customizable to all tabletops
  • Dual-sided access to power and connections
  • 2 power cords (9' long)
  • Depth under table: 6.986"
  • Tabletop surface always matches
  • Can lift up to 1.4lbs
  • Table thickness: .5" to 1.125", can be used in thicker tables but requires custom work
  • Top dimensions where cutout goes: Roughly 3.5" x 3"
  • The cutout can be round, rectangular, square, or any shape desired
  • Opens/closes by pressing on top
  • Gas spring lift mechanism
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Warranty: 10 years, 1 year on spring

The Altinex Pop N Plug PNP417C is a dual sided interconnect box that "pops up" into a raised position providing access to AV connectors and power when a user presses down on the top of the unit. Use our customizer to build your perfect table box, each side comes standard with 2 power and 5 customizable connections.  The typical lead time to custom build your box before shipping out takes around 2 to 3 days.

When closed, the pop up box is concealed flush with the table's surface for sleek storage. The PNP417C is unique in the sense that it uses your tabletop cutout as the cover to your pop up making it hidden in your table. When not in use it's as if the connectors aren't hiding beneath at all. The PNP417C will lift custom cutouts up to 1.4 lbs.

All connectors come with 6’ cables and are fully terminated, there are two 9' power cables.

Min. Table Thickness: 0.500in

Max. Table Thickness: 1.125in (If your table is thicker than this please see drawing)

Customization Instruction

1. In the image of your custom unit (above), the Snap-Ins/Audio & D-Sub connectors that can be configured are shaded.

Example of a customizable snap-in

2. Click on each shaded area to pop up a box with the available options for the individual connector you selected. Click on the option you desire for the unit - it will be displayed on the unit after selection. You may click on a previously selected snap-in/connector to choose a different option. Note that if you want no connection in a slot, please click on the blank connector in the pop up box.

3. Click on each side's button to change the image to display the connectors for that side

Example of a product with two sides - the front side is selected.

4. Upon completing customization of your product, a dialogue box will pop up informing you that customization is complete and your product is ready to be added to your cart.

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