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Kramer SP-1G

3G HD-SDI Frame Buffer/Synchronizer

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The SP-1G from Kramer is a high-performance multi-standard (SDI, HD-SDI, 3G HD-SDI) frame buffer/synchronizer for digital video signals. The device converts any SDI input standard to any SDI output standard, scales the image, and synchronizes a video channel from the dedicated genlock input, either an SDI input or an analog reference source. Featuring an array or input and output video standards all the way up to 1080psf/30 the synchronizer also contains a special audio synchronizer that will de-embed all input audio channels, re-samples them simultaneously, and embeds the resulting audio signals in the SDI output. This is a great feature as it corrects signal deterioration such as a frame drop or repetition that may occur during digital video signal synchronization. A third video input can be created when the SDI video signal that is applied to the genlock SDI input (without external connections). With that the SP-1G, besides the synchronizing function, can implement a glitch-free (clean switching) video and "soft switching" audio between three separate non-synchronous SDI inputs even if the standards of these signals differ. Making this a great device for use in broadcasting studios and post-production type applications.

Other features of the SP-1G include looping analog and digital genlock, crross-standard conversion, image scaling, two SDI inputs and outputs, one dedicated SDI genlock input, automatic standard detection, TBC operation with continuous, uninterrupted syncs on the output, even when there is an input glitch, and a built-in signal generator that provides special video test signals as well as a 1kHz audio sine wave for all 16 SDI audio channels. Control of the SP-1G is through 9 front panel buttons for operational control, or one RS-232 port for controlling the device through a serial remote control. There is also featured on the front panel a two-line 16 character per line LCD display that shows the status of the device while in the main mode of operation.

This compact yet rugged sized device can be rack mounted in a standard 19" 1U rack mount, comes with its own power supply, and is backed by a 7 year warranty from Kramer.

  • Multi-Standard Operation: SDI, HD-SDI, 3G HD-SDI
  • Inputs: 2 SD/HD/3G HD SDI, 1 genlock on BNC connectors
  • Outputs: 2 SD/HD/3G HD SDI, 1 genlock on BNC connectors
  • Looping Analog Genlock
  • Looping Digital Genlock
  • HDTV Compatible
  • Image Scaling
  • Cross-Standard Conversion
  • Audio Embedder/De-embedder
  • Built-in Signal Generator: video/audio testing
  • Switching Functions: clean switch video & soft switch audio
  • LCD Display: 2 line, 16 character per line status display
  • Control: 9 front panel buttons & RS-232
  • Indicators: LCD display, 5 inputs and genlock LED's
  • Power Consumption: 5V DC, 1.2A
  • Included Accessories: Power Supply
  • Optional Accessories: RK-1 19" rack mount
  • Warranty: 7 Years
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