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Analog Composite In/Out Video Image Stabilizer & Video Optimizer

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Introducing the For-A IVS-200 Composite Video Stabilizer & Optimizer from FOR-A. This upgraded version of the IVS-100 provides additional features and enhancements that allows users to correct horizontal, diagonal, and vertical shake at sub-pixel levels of accuracy, and in addition detects and corrects rotation in source video. This model also adds FOR-A's Auto Video Optimizer (AVO) function to the older unit's real-time video stabilization function. This enables the IVS-200 to generate output video that's not only shake-free but also displayed at the proper levels and gamma. While existing video stabilizers are able to correct vertical and horizontal shaking, the new IVS-200 also corrects rotation. Other functions that the IVS-200 offers is a time display function and title display function (alphanumeric characters, codes, maximum 16 characters x one line), NTSC/PAL automatic recognition function, and a small, portable, DC drive. With its analog composite video I/O, the IVS-200 is ideal for monitoring applications such as security and traffic cameras, in either NTSC or PAL video systems. The IVS-200 not only corrects shaky and dark or blown-out video for accurate viewing, it also can improve a video signal's compression efficiency for encoding and transmission further down the chain. This can enable clear video monitoring over IP networks even at low bandwidths.

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