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Avenview W-HD3DIR-50M

5.8 GHz HDMI Wireless Extender Set, 1080p Support, 164'

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The W-HD3DIR-50M from Avenview is a  wireless HDMI extender set that runs at 5GHz operation frequency to deliver HD video/audio 164' in an open field of view. This HD wireless device kit make wireless connection by using WHDI Technology from HD media Source Devices such as Cable box, Bluray player, media box, PC or Game Console to any TV display or monitor as LCD/Plasma/LED TV or projector. Providing outstanding and consistent picture quality equivalent to wired HDMI cable, with low latency, multi-room connection and low power consumption.

Additionally the W-HD3DIR-50M features: 

  • WHDI Technology no latency
  • Extends HDMI video and audio up to 50M (open Space)
  • Supports HDMI, EDID 1.1, Support HDCP 2.0
  • Supports resolution up to 1080p/60Hz and 3D
  • Support AES 128 image encryption
  • Real time compression audio is embedded within the HDMI output stream
  • Suitable for use with Residential, PC presentations
  • Extends IR and CEC Signals for remote control of AV Equipment
  • Supporting the point to point transmission function currently which can be expanded to the multi-point to point transmission function
  • Supports up to 3 receivers for each transmitter
  • IR remote extender for source control
  • 2.4G 7dBi antenna


  • This Kit comes with the W-HD3DIR-50M-S (Transmitter) and W-HD3DIR-50M-R (Receiver) units
  • Transmitter Input: HDMI
  • Transmitter Output: IR Out
  • Receiver Input: IR In
  • Receiver Output: HDMI Supported Resolutions: Up to 1080p HD, XGA, and 1920 x 1080
  • Operating Frequencies: Tx: 5.1GHz to 5.9 GHz / Rx: 5.1GHz to 5.9 GHz
  • Bandwidth: 20Mhz/40Mhz
  • Modulation Mode: Downlink Channel: OFDM 16-QAM / Uplink Channel: OFDM-OOK
  • Audio Format Supported: I2S, PCM, SPDIF, AC-3, DTS, Dolby 5.1/7
  • Data Rate: Forward Channel: 3Gbps-400MBS
  • Antenna: High Performance Internal Antenna
  • Image Delay: <1ms
  • IR CMFS: 38KHz
  • Transmission Power: Tx Power Output:10 +/- 2dBm & Rx Power Output:15 +/-2dBm
  • Power Supply: DC 5V, 2A
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 5.4" x 7.7" x 1.2" per each device
  • Weight (each): 1.2lbs
  • Included Accessories: HDMI Cable x 1pc, IR Cable x 2pc, Power Adapter x 2pcs, Manual x 1pc
  • Warranty: 3 Years
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